World Refractories Association – Covid 19 Position Statement

Dear Customers and other Stake Holders

Amidst the current situation concerning COVID-19, INTOCAST continues it’s commitment to ensure uninterrupted supply of all products and materials to it’s customers. We do, however, prioritize the health and safety of employees and communities by following the guidelines and advice from local, regional and national authorities.

We wish to assure you that all efforts are being made to minimise and ultimately avoid any disruption.

Supply of imported raw materials have been secured for current demand levels and our buying department is in constant contact with our overseas suppliers and we do not expect any problems within the coming weeks. A risk assessment for all critical supplies sourced from European manufacturers is currently being done to ensure that we have sufficient stocks on hand to cover a short-term demand.

One of INTOCAST’s strengths has always been investing in short term working capital in strategically higher stock levels, the minimum stock levels held in Europe are 6 months. This will stand us in good stead in the coming weeks.

We have requested all employees to limit personal contact and keep meetings in person to a minimum. You will instead be invited to attend more meetings via Skype for Business. This measure protects both you and our employees. Should any customer require critical support, our technical team will still be available but again, for the protection of both the customer and our employees we ask that this be kept to absolute minimum.

We are sure that everyone can appreciate that this is a unique and fluid situation and believe that all the measures we are taking are in the best interests of all stake holders. We will do our very best to keep everyone updated on any further developments.

Tour committed INTOCAST management team.

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