Refractory Recycling

Refractory recycling throughout many varied industries including the Steel, Glass, Cement & Petrochemical industries. Intocast UK Ltd extract a range of spent materials from a variety of Furnaces, Ladles & transfer Vessels and subsequently categorise & enhance these products into specific customer requirements.

Reclaimed Materials in stock


High Alumina Bricks


Magnesite (Brown Fused)

Magnesite (Chrome)

Magnesite (Carbon)

Silicon Carbide

Demolition and Furnace Removal

We specialises in refractory demolition and site clearance – in particular the removal of old furnaces and associated equipment & clearance of redundant stocks from company closures. 

We have vast experience in the removal of furnaces and associated equipment which includes redundant refractory materials.

Intocast Uk Ltd has the knowledge and equipment to ensure the task is carried our efficiently and safely.

Refractory Disposal

As well as recycling, we have the ability to dispose of contaminated refractory material that has no suitable recycling value i.e. landfill. This route is avoided wherever possible as the costs of disposal is far higher and has no beneficial environment factors. 

We hold a full waste transfer and carriers licence, in line with current legislation.

For more information on our contaminated material disposal service, please contact us.