All our castables are packed in 25 kg valve sacks.

  • Conventional Castables 

A range of dense castables available ranging from 1200-1800 degrees.

  • Conventional Gunning Mixes
  • Insulating Castables
  • Insulating Gunning mixes
  • Basic Castables
  • Basic Gunning Mixes
  • Low Cement Castables
  • Low Cement Gunmixes
  • Self Flow Castables
  • Loose Ramming Materials
  • Wet Mortars
  • Dry Mortars
  • Blast Furnace Castables and Gunning Mixes
  • Precast items
  • Induction Furnace Linings
  • Taphole Clay
  • Tundish Slurries

If you need any assistance or guidance please contact our qualified staff for help.